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Logistics Center Services

Our distribution Center does not only operate as a storage Center, but rather as a highly functional facility to provide ordering duties, stock forwarding, sorting capabilities, inspection, inventory control, circulation processing, labelling, assembly and packing functions.The most suitable transport mode and functionality of our distribution Center provides a powerful backbone to your organization’s logistics.

Various distribution services and solutions offered to our customers hold to unique value added solutions to improve your competitive outlook.

Logistics Center Services

Distribution Center and Value Added Service Line Up

Each distribution Center of Shinozaki Transportation’s stock, forwarding and safekeeping service delivers high-level value added logistics appropriate for the unique needs of our customers.

Additionally, our procurement services accompany an array of international delivery solutions.

Stock Business

入荷業務 入荷業務

Our logistics platform performs inspection duties, freshness inspection, assortment according to category, palletizing, storing, receipt/arrival data matching, and outsourcing.

  • Devanning
  • Quantity Inspection
  • Lot Inspection
  • Fresh Inspection
  • Category Sorting
  • Palletize
  • Containment Storage
  • In stock data and matching
  • Generation of Warehousing Settlement Data
  • 仕入計上

storage・Inventory management

ダミー ダミー

To suggest a suitable storage method and, or storage plan (which includes location management, inventory duties, stock reporting, lot control and volume control) capable of effectively sorting household and/or a combination of other items.

  • Item Management
  • Lot Management
  • Quantity Management
  • Inventory Date Management
  • Location Management
  • Picking business
  • Inventory report

Distribution Processing Support

ダミー ダミー

Shinozaki Transportation amply supports the challenges faced by the distribution processing aspects of your products.

  • Assort
  • Set up
  • Kitting
  • Issued Voucher
  • Attached Label
  • Packing
  • Manufactured Article, Counting and Weighing
  • Price Tag Attachment/Label Attachment
  • Meter Gauge
  • Inspection
  • Energization Inspection
  • Installation

Shipping business

ダミー ダミー

Unerringly manage stored items or shipments specific to your special requirements (through our case sorter, piece sorter, digital picking (from one-count items), digital assortment) with the purpose of processing your large-lot palette shipment(s) and/or case shipment(s).

  • Case Sorter
  • Piece Sorter
  • Digital pick
  • Digital assort