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Copyright Policy

All contents and programs on our website inclusive of text, image, illustration, and picture may not be reproduced or used without consent.
Personal reproductions of contents beyond a range accepted by Copyright Law will not be permitted under any circumstances.
No part of this website publication may be reproduced, modified or sold in any form or means without consent from the publisher of this content.

About our Trademark

All logos and trademarks published by website and used to identify company’s goods and services may not be used or reproduced in any form or means.
Use of trademarks and logos of Company are forbidden, unless permission is granted within the legal rights commissioned by trademark ordinaces.

About Disclaimers

Input published within Company website by an outside party resulting in trouble, loss or damage is the responsibility of outside party and not of Company.
We reserve the right to change or modifiy our website content wihout prior notification or written consent.

Regarding Prohibitive Matters

Concerning our website, the following acts are prohibited:
・An act, of which disturbs the administration of our website.
・An act that constitutes a disadvantage, annoyance, or threat to Company or any third party.
・An act to infringe upon the property of users, third party and Company.
・A malicious act constituting a threat to public order.
・An act instigating fear that is in violation of law, laws and ordinances and regulations.
・An act that is judged to be inappropriate by Company.

About Links to Other Websites

Links from our website are managed with sole responsibility by each respective operator.
Linking to other websites do not indicate or suggest special business relations, or recommendations for content .

Privacy Policy

Personal information of customers input into our website is managed with strict confidentiality, with no provisions to disclose information to third parties.
・Prior Consent by Customer
・When necessary information of our suppliers is disclosed to our customers in compliance with Laws and Ordinances.

Applicable Law

The use of our website and the interpretation of our agreement shall by based on the application of Japanese Federal Law.