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Nexus-Shinozaki Transport & Logistics 代表取締役 篠嵜泰夫


Inspired to new Aspirations by “Kansha Ho-ohn,” Repayment of Kindness As your international business and trade becomes more and more prevalent, the breadth of your supply chain activity will involve many facets of overseas production, procurement and borderless divisions of labor.

Flexibility in our international distribution processes comes with the necessary expertise to promote efficiency, while meeting your optimal distributional needs.
In line with recent years, the start of Shinozaki’s NEXUS Group has dictated the acquisition of NVOCC authorization for service expansion of our Customs Entry Business pertaining to our China and Korea operations.

Acquisition of foreign freight resulted in concurrent service enhancements to our domestic distribution networks such as, the planning of infrastructural investment, vehicle enhancements, and higher load requirements.

The capability to analyse distribution costs and find waste from a complex web of distribution and logistics processes differentiates our services from the rest.

Along with the abundance of business and environmental challenges accompanying the structures of a distribution system, NEXUS heartily supports “Kansha Hoon” the unique solutions that help your company to compete at the highest levels.