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IT solution

Cargo delivery and distribution centre functions effectively run by our comprehensive Transportation Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) cater to the special circumstances and administration requirements of each of our customers.

IT solution

WMS - Warehouse management system

The sophistication of our customers requires a total, up-to-date and precise Transportation Management System (TMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS) linked to EDI via ASP access, processing the numerous logistical operations set in place by inventory control, distribution processing, circulation processing, and shipment.In addition to the performance conditions provided by distribution analytics, we strive to improve processes and other conditions in motion that challenge the future of distribution.


TMS Cloud Administration Service

Our cloud-based solutions, TRIAS/TR-SaaS, administers a network driven DTS-C1D drive recorder model to reinforce driver control information management systems.

With a constant vigilance for optimization, the SaaS cloud based application is installed in all commercial vehicles to allocate, operate and manage distribution efforts.

With the changing of supply chain management, the logistics industry faces new challenges meeting demand for small quantity delivery, short delivery time, meeting CO2 reductions, safety management, and excess driver-use hours scheduling.

While keeping a strong stance toward system optimization and efficiency, our logistics solutions will maintain the paradigm of having to coordinate with the multiple efforts of maintaining methodology and system, safe for an eco-friendly logistics operation.