Engage in Environment Business

Strive toward an eco-friendly physical distribution company

Industry activities on the effects of global warming is big, and especially, impactful is the influence of the distribution industry on the environment.
Though lacking in an abundance of resources, Shinozaki Transpiration is doing its part to partake in responsible actions for environmental problems along with the rest of the world.
Our aim at to provide an eco-friendly company starts with our commitment to the distribution center, the vehicles, our model operandi and employee education.

CO2 Reduction Endeavors

Every truck of Shinozaki Transportation utilizes an eco-friendly device that checks the following performance indicators (excessive speed, sudden acceleration, long idling duration, and sudden braking).
Fuel consumption decreases 6% by our test calculations, and in this way decreases the CO2 discharge along with it. In addition to safe improvements and cost reductions, the damaging impact to the environment is lessened.
Further reductions of CO2 emissions is based on the use of a trailer utilized for the collection of items between our distribution centers, effectively decreasing the number of distribution lines and increasing the capacity of vehicle delivery volume.

Energy Saving within the Distribution Center

Our distribution center is equipped with NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) fluorescent lamps, LED, low wattage mercury lamps, and plasma lighting systems (accompanied with the highly efficient light reflector). Acts of energy saving consciousness such as the limited use of air conditioning units serves to reduce emissions that affect global warming.

Green Management Certification (acquisition)

Green Management Certification (acquisition)

Our organization received a certification from the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation, as a company performing actions higher than average level green management promotion.