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Transportation service

Whether you are global or local, it may be said that the key to building a superior logistics service is made up of a strong transportation network and a high level commitment to transport quality.

Utilizing Shinozaki Transport’s subcontractor network ensures direct delivery from each transport base or cross-dock, on a nationwide basis meeting the Diverse Needs of the Customer.

Transportation service network

【Safety First】

We put our heart and soul into the principle of safety first, above all.
A technically advanced driving evaluation system is installed into all company vehicles.
Data from vehicle evaluation systems serve to support safety and careful driving instruction courses to uphold the responsibility for safe usage of public roads.


【On-going Education is Provided to our Vehicle Operatives】

Professional relations with our customers and clients is maintained with the posturing of periodical training of driver basics.



From large to small, the backbone of your logistics needs receives quality service from our line of 2t, 4t, 7t to 13t transport.


【IT Vehicle Allocation and Operation Control System】

Breakables, and special orders requiring sensitive transport make use of the latest precision mechanisms (air shock), and instrumentation (digital tachograph with built-in network driver recorder and cloud access).
Safe administration and smooth dispatching are made possible with the deployment of vehicle-driver control systems.

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