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China Logistic of Shinozaki

China Logistic

Recognizing the future of a well-working supply chain between China and Japan, local corporations affiliated to our company, facilitating the smooth delivery of commercial distribution services, were established in Shanghai. The extent and type of service associated to a supply chain’s distribution service, though quite complicated, has its start by establishing a presence to facilitate the first steps of business interaction.

Then one may pose an obvious question, “What are we carrying?” and subsequently, the next question would be “How are you carrying it?” The extent and types of processes involved in carrying that item will define the distribution’s value and service rendering.

Shinozaki transportation regards enterprise, product, and service as a starting point of the provisioning of its services. The building blocks of our mission, derived over the course of time, takes lessons from dealings with society, careful consideration of themes for improvement, being receptive to the charm of colorful ideas, and cost performance.

Shinozaki Transportation’s years of know-how serves China’s distribution industry with a host of abundant solutions in the complex delivery, planning, and movement of commercial products.

China Logistic Service & Solution

International transport service

国際Transportation service

As an International Transportation Broker of China, Shinozaki’s marine transport is mandated for Japan, Asia and other countries throughout the world. Flexibility to handle urgent situations, or unplanned changes in transportation modes, for instance, air shock equipped vehicles, hot delivery and many other demanding logistics capabilities are well adapted to our service operations. Our participation in maritime area operations ensures high quality, and value added connections between Buyer consolidation and Container Freight Stations (CFS).

China Logistic Service

China Logistic Service

Essential to operational efficiency our branches are located in four areas throughout China (Shanghai, Taicang, Beijing, Chengdu) to offer services in the areas of industrial parts inspection, distribution, safekeeping, cargo work, and circulation processing. For factory logistics in China, our distribution services are united with a provisioning of Third Party Logistics (3PL).

China shipping service

China shipping service

Shinozaki Transportation developed its Shanghai base as a hub to service the distribution needs of a host of places all around China.

China Field Service

China Field Service

With regard to distribution in China, our operations are leveraged to make more than just delivery of commodity or product. While handling the great geography of China’s complex logistics, Shinozaki Transportation provides support from commercial facilities and offices to handle unpacking, assembly, construction and a variety of field services. Office Relocation Services Support of office relocation services.