Engage in safety Concerns

G mark

As a user of public roadways, safety measures and social responsibility performed under our distribution system are held with the highest standards and authorization from the All Japan Truck Society’s G mark certification. The qualification issued by the All Japan Truck Society ensures the ongoing develop of measures designed to protect society from transportation accidents.
With the edict of “Safety First,” an ongoing process of educational safety and its implementation is administered in our distributional operations.

Safe Hygiene Committee

Safe Hygiene Committee

Shinozaki Transpiration holds regular committee meetings to report on the safety and hygiene progress of its distribution services.
Each sales office and center is assigned with personnel in charge of the development, improvement and education for safety/disaster prevention measures of employees and operations. Technical guidance with forklifts, other protective equipment and patrol are part of an ongoing process to update our safety requirements.

Safe Hygiene Committee

Vehicle Preventative Maintenance

Vehicle Preventative Vehicle Preventative

All drivers at Shinozaki Transportation perform preventative measures in cooperation with an assigned maintenance manager to avoid accidents and harm to the environment. Work-health checks conditional to daily work engagement and secure maintenance checks are carried out on a daily, monthly (3 months) and yearly schedule.

Securing a high level of driver safety, abatement of environmental harm, through the installations of cloud-networked vehicles at designated serviced stations.

cloud-networked vehicles

All vehicles are equipped with a digital drive recorder incorporated with a FOMA antenna to receive real time driver log information.
When a vehicle experiences an accident or even a sudden gravitational shift, a quick 4 second video transmission notification relayed to the driver station, provides for a quick response to immediate or cautionary incidents.
Operating under legal inspection item 21, all vehicles checked in at terminal on a daily basis receive daily reports reflecting their condition. Reference to logs of all vehicles is provided though Internet connectivity.
To further realize the various aspects of responsible driving, we have implemented an “Eco, Safety Evaluation System” using on-duty or actual working hour indicators to deter against the pitfalls associated to labor excess.

Meeting, IT Roll Call

Meeting, IT Roll Call

Our driver bases maintain a disciplined approach to the methodology of professional transport with the careful attention to roll-call, License Checking, alcohol testing, psychological condition and safe driving management. Management, control of driver condition is thoroughly administered with an adaptable system that reinforces safe operations, on-going education and an abundance of communication with the drivers. Pursuit of the “G” mark is maintained by our efforts to reduce service management burdens and focus on the high value, safety aspects of our IT capabilities.

Good Driver Commendation System

Good Driver Commendation System

Performance and continuous commendation without incident or accident is awarded on a 3, 5 and 10 year time interval. With this program, all members of the company from the non-experienced, to veterans, accumulate commendation and become models of the careful driving aspects of the job.

NASVA Driving Aptitude Diagnosing System

NASVA Driving Aptitude Diagnosing System

Our drivers take a diagnosing system at head office.Also trainers educated at NASVA give guidance about diagnostic results.

Promotion of Safe Transportation Management Report

1.Basic Policy for Security of Transportation
①Principle of Safety First, and Security as an overall Priority
②Security, Trust and Satisfaction to the Customer

2.Aim and Measure of Transportation Safety
(Statistical reports provisioned from motor vehicle accident bylaws)

Accident Suppression Target

  Suppression Target
Shinozaki Transportation 0
InfoGate 0

Previous Year Status of Achievement
  Suppression Target Achievement
Shinozaki Transportation 0 0
InfoGate 0 0

3.Key Measure of Transportation Security
①Education for Operation manager.
②Effective utilization of Digital drive recorder.

4.Educational Program for Transpiration Security
①New Employee Driver Education (entry into company, full-time employment, 6 and 12 month progress)
②Accident Provocation Education (one month after occurrence)
③Safety Seminar (yearly of each centre)
④Annual Education based on Notification 1366 of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation